RelSci Privacy

Who are we?

Relationship Science (RelSci) is a technology solutions company working directly with companies to create competitive advantage. The RelSci Platform helps organizations of all sizes capture and leverage their relationship networks with the influential decision makers that matter to their success. Our corporate, financial and nonprofit clients utilize the platform’s curated set of more than 1.8 million organizations and the 10 million decision makers affiliated with them to drive better business outcomes


Where does RelSci get the information for its Profiles?

RelSci creates profiles of influential individuals and organizations (“Entities”) from various sources. Once enough sources on an entity are collected and it passes our internal thresholds it is available on our website(s). This information is accessible by our clients, partners, and site visitors.

We obtain the data on entities using methods that include:

We do not have a process to collect “user generated” data to create profiles. A few examples of sources we do not use are:


Where can I find your privacy policy?

If you found our site via a search engine, our Consumer Privacy Policy can be found here.

If you are an enterprise customer you can find the Enterprise Privacy Policy here.


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